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Egg box steam train big build progress

Progress to date The children have been hard at work with their big build.  The steam train is starting to take shape and although they have come upon structural problems this has not deterred their enthusiasm.   The side walls are becoming higher and this is where problems have started.  The children have noticed their is now a lean to the walls.  They have tried adding

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Protected: Making a home in the bucket for the bog baby

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The great cake bake with Hugless Douglas

Inspiration On Monday the children enjoyed listening to the story Hugless Douglas & the great cake bake.  This was a book the children had selected on one of the visits they enjoyed to the library.  At the end of the book  the author had kindly included a recipe for Honey cakes.  They were so excited when Louisa suggested going shopping to purchase the ingredients needed.  The children then

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Protected: The big build is underway

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colour mixing and transporting water

Creating ramps and transporting This morning the pre-school children were exploring the new outdoor blocks so they could transport the water. This activity started as adult led with a question of “how do you think we could build up the blocks to make a ramp?”.  This then led to the children building up the ramp structures and them then starting to transporting the water.  They did this between

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Halloween party fun in the Pre-School room

Halloween Fancy Dress: In Pre-School today the children arrived in their spooky Halloween outfits ready for the party in the afternoon. We had a room full of witches, vampires, ghosts, bats, pumpkins and princess all excited to enjoy the days events.  The staff also joined in with the celebrations by coming in their own fancy dress costumes.  The day started with baking buns for the

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Pumpkin’s that bubble

Today in pre-school we have had a fantastic spooky morning getting messy and involved in pumpkin carving. The children were really excited about cutting the faces out, scooping all the insides out and feeling the different textures. We then moved on with the pumpkins, by doing a little science project. This involved the children mixing vinegar and bicarbonate soda together to create a fizz,

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A spooky start to the day

What a spooky start to the day, our little witches are mixing potions in the water area and our pumpkin carving and spell pots station are all ready to go with a little bit of science thrown in.

Enjoying the fruits of our labour

We have two very proud gardeners this week. There was much excitement and joy when the children harvested this first batch of carrots and parsnips. The best part was when they enjoyed all there hard work at meal time.

The fun in rolling down a hill

After a busy morning of leaf collecting the children decided to have a blast running and rolling down the hill. From the videos I am sure you will agree the children had a great time during this self directed play. img_4517 img_4519 img_4521 img_4522 img_4527 img_4529 img_4530 img_4532 img_4534 img_4535 img_4536