Creative play in nursery with rainbow spaghetti

Rainbow spaghetti

For the last two days the toddlers have been exploring our rainbow spaghetti in the creative play area. We enhanced the activity with a series of containers, natural objects and tweezers and allowed the children to explore and investigate the activity in whatever way they wanted.  Some of the children were unsure of the texture but they were all excited by the colour and this enticed them all to have a go.  The older children enjoyed using the tweezers used very good pincer grips and the younger children tended to use their hands to grab handfuls of the spaghetti and transfer it between containers. The children also used their imaginations and knowledge of every day events to role play.

Learning through creative play

The children described what the spaghetti felt like, and one of the children said “this one cold”.  The spaghetti was still warm. So we discussed and explored the different temperatures of the spaghetti.  Now the children could differentiate between hot (warm) and cold described .  Other language that was used by the children was squidgy, sticky, long and wiggly.

The children also discussed the colour of the spaghetti and we were able to identify colours that the children were aware of and those that needed further support.

The resources such as the tweezers provoked questions by some of the children “what these?” were asked.  We explained what tweezers were and demonstrated how  to use them.   Later through the morning, the children showed pride in their achievements “look look!” with the tweezers in hand and holding some spaghetti.  Some of the children even worked together to use the tweezers to pick up bigger objects, like the shells that were also on the tray.

Problem solving was also high on the children’s agenda.  The children tried to solve how to get the sticky spaghetti into the narrow end of the bottles.  Some of the children tried putting lots in at once and when this proved ineffective they added a single piece of spaghetti at a time.  Some of the children even used the tweezers with good control to  place the spaghetti in the bottles.


Day 2 of the rainbow spaghetti and our babies decided to come and join the fun.  The children enjoyed this activity and used their senses to explore.  The spaghetti was safe for eating and this was something all the babies tried to start of with.  After a couple of bites the cold texture held little appeal and so they went onto squishing the spaghetti between their fingers.

Rainbow spaghetti

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