St Georges day enhancements to the environment

St George’s Day

Teaching and Learning

Today as it is St Georges day we are teaching the children all about the Patron St of England.   During our carpet time discussion we spoke about the St Georges cross.  One of the children said they thought it was a British flag.  We explained the difference between the Union Jack and the St Georges cross.  When  I named the countries that make up Great Britain many of the children recognised their names.  Some children were able to talk about family holidays to these places.  

The morning has been busy with children creating castles making flags, dragons and baking up a storm in the home corner bakery.


Over the weekend some of the team came in to enhance the teaching and learning environment for today’s activities.  The role play area is now a bakers fitting in with current interest.  Red and white bun cases were added so the children could make St Georges days buns.  The small world area is ready for the children’s role play and setting their own St Georges battles with the dragons.  In the creative area breathing fire dragons are all set for the children to make. 



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