Before deciding that T&T was the best nursery for our 2 year-old at the time daughter Yasmine, we visited most of the nurseries in the Pudsey vicinity. All of them looked ok but in the first 5 minutes of walking round T&T we knew it was different. The first thing we noticed was the toys, hardly anything plastic, most were wooden and natural (leaves, corns, etc). Then the overall feeling was very homely; in fact it’s actually a converted house. And the location is great. Right in the heart of Pudsey – can combine with so many things around the town centre before or after pick up and drop off times. Into the first few weeks of our interaction with the stuff we knew we could talk to them about anything. They were extremely welcoming to our suggestions and specific needs and made sure Yasmine had a great time learning and enjoying herself. After the first couple of difficult settling in weeks, it was obvious at pick up times that Yasmine was enjoying herself loads. She’d be full of smiles and talk about all things happening during her time there. Almost a year on and we are looking forward to her future time at T&T!

Their interaction with parents has to be commended. Their app for child-specific updates is brilliant, their private facebook posts are invaluable along with regular updates about nursery matters important to parents via email and face-to-face parents evenings.

We could not recommend Tots and Tykes enough!

  • May 25, 2018

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