Little Tots

The Little Tots unit is divided into two sections. The first section is for the 3 months – 12/14 months the second section is for 12/14 months up to approx 36 months. Here our dedicated and caring staff, work as a team to care for the children.

The children are able to participate in many different activities, and experiences throughout the unit which is well equipped with toys and activities designed to support your child in his/her development. Children are free to choose their area of play including outdoors which is offered continually come rain or shine.

The Little tots unit operates a one to three ratio for children under two and a one to four ratio for children aged two to three. The room supervisor leads her team. She is supported by a dedicated team of highly qualified staff and an Early years Professional.

Areas of play


In this area children are able to make independent choices of natural play materials. They are able to connect ideas without the interaction of an adult. During the child’s play in this area there is always an adult present. They are there to simply observe and plan for their future needs and experiences which will extend their thinking. Some of the recourses in this area are as follows

  • Chains, tins, and other metal utensils – used for exploring sounds.
  • Pom poms, fabrics, pine cones – exploring textures Curtain rings, cup holders, and boxes with lids – connecting ideas and to help promote fine motor skills.
  • Bags, wooden spoon and other kitchen utensils – role play
  • Shells, pebbles, balls – recreating experiences.

All the recourses in this area are checked regularly by staff, to ensure that they meet the health and safety requirements of the nursery.

Messy play

We have a separate messy play area where the children can experience many creative activities. These activities may include sand and water play, painting, sticking, gloop, clay, shredded paper, and a wide range of mark making activities. Children are also able to experience different textures and mediums like jelly, dry and wet pasta, dough and cold baked beans. The staff encourage and support the children in their play, observe them and use these observations to plan extended activities.

Main floor

This is the area where you drop off your child in the morning. The children also gather in this area for meal times, stories, singing and music and movement times. The children can also play in this area and access toys such as cars, animals, dolls, jigsaws, bricks, role play, musical instruments and the book area. We encourage self-selection throughout to promote choice, this also represents the listening culture we have adopted throughout the setting.

Outdoor area

This area has safety surfacing and is a secure area that is locked during the children’s outdoor play. The children are able to play outside through their own choice. They are also able to play out in all weather types such as rain, sunshine, wind and snow. During these weather conditions the staff will ensure that the children are appropriately clothed. Children are able to access a small garden area where they can explore the soil, plant bulbs and any small mini-beasts using recourses provided. At all times the children are supervised by a member of staff. Some of the activities and experiences we provide in this area are as follows –

  • Logs, bakers trays, slides and bikes – encourages gross motor skills.
  • Balls, tubes, pebbles, sand, water, etc – encourages fine motor and transporting skill.
  • Books and games – encourages sharing and turn taking.

In all these areas of provision we follow the Early Years Foundation stage guidelines.