Tots N Tykes children meet Pudsey bear

Meeting Pudsey bear

Today the tots n tykes children are busy helping raise money for Children in need.  Whilst on a walk into Pudsey some of the children bumped into Pudsey bear.   The children were all excited to meet Pudsey and they all knew straight away who the famous bear was.  Meeting Pudsey bear was a highlight of the children’s morning.  Once their picture had been taken with the famous bear the children carried on with their shopping trip.  The children were in need of some icing pens.  These would then be used to decorate their biscuits.


Meeting Pudsey Bear
Meeting Pudsey Bear

Baking for Children in need

The children in the pre-school room have been busy all morning weighing and measuring out ingredients for the yummy biscuits they are making.  these biscuits will be decorated and then sold by the children to raise fund for charity.  All money raised at the children’s bake sale will be donated to Children in need.  This activity was not only enjoyable but the children have gained lots of fantastic mathematical development.  The children were making predictions and recognising number and when shopping they were looking at money and counting.


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Bake sale

Due to the children’s  hard work has been completed the children are now ready to sell all their yummy biscuits.  The children have made their own signs, price labels and set up a stall ready for there first customers.  Thank you to everyone who purchased the children’s tasty treats, we were able to raise £21.30


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